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Life as a woodturner can be fun and hard work. I always say that wood turners don't make mistakes they have design opportunities. Well sometimes. This blog will perhaps give some insight to the ups and downs.It will be fed by both me (Pete) and my partner & wife Mo who collaborates and acts as quality control. Hope you find it interesting and perhaps a little amusing

Waste not want not.

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Two things that I do a lot is to use wood that is naturally distressed which perhaps many turners would reject and the other is to use things I find in boot sales, flea markets charity shops etc and recycle them. This is a good example of both. The base is a piece of laburnum that was, to put it politely, past its best.The pewter base for the funnel is made from recycled mugs and ornaments from a charity shop and the funnel was picked up at a boot sale. It sold very quickly to someone who loved it and her husband crept back at a show and bought it for her as a surprise.

laburnum lamp 7   laburnum lamp 2  laburnum lamp 4

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