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Life as a woodturner can be fun and hard work. I always say that wood turners don't make mistakes they have design opportunities. Well sometimes. This blog will perhaps give some insight to the ups and downs.It will be fed by both me (Pete) and my partner & wife Mo who collaborates and acts as quality control. Hope you find it interesting and perhaps a little amusing

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Had a wonderful day yesterday getting my tax sorted and off. Every year I am determined to get it done in April and usually I have it ready to go and then for reasons beyond me it gets left until the last moment. This year I am determined to get it all done and off in April so I am now up to date with the current one. Just a couple of months to add and then off it goes....maybe. Being self employed has many benefits and advantages, sorting out the tax is not one of them. Perhaps if I sold a lot more and had to actually pay tax I could afford an accountant but selling is much harder than making things LOL. Still, all done and up to date, just a couple of commissions and another tuition this month and maybe I will be able to get in the workshop and play...I mean make some things that I want to make rather than have to make. Not that I am really complaining. Much rather be self employed than work for someone else in a 9 - 5 job. been there, done that, no thanks.

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  1. Pete

    Determined to do mine early this year George...we'll see.

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  2. George Foweraker

    Did mine today Pete that is one job I hate and always put it off too the last minute

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