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Life as a woodturner can be fun and hard work. I always say that wood turners don't make mistakes they have design opportunities. Well sometimes. This blog will perhaps give some insight to the ups and downs.It will be fed by both me (Pete) and my partner & wife Mo who collaborates and acts as quality control. Hope you find it interesting and perhaps a little amusing

Time flies

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Especially as you get older. I am convinced that as you get older the days get shorter and the weeks even shorter. We seemed to have plenty of time to get sorted for our first show at Wisley but now it is just next week. Hopefully we have got plenty of stock made up. Got sufficient of the bread and butter stuff, brooches, ear ring stands etc. Also got a good number of different ikebana vases made up along with sme lower cost decorative work. Every show is a gamble though so we could sell out or sell nowt. One reason we always make sure that we pay up front and so don't go into debt, so easy to do. Just hope the weather is kind tom us. Makes a big difference. Heres a taster of some of the things we will have there.

elm walnut tipsy medieval goblets  spalted candle pillar 5  walnut oak ikebana 6  pale double ear ring stand 2    pots x 3. 3  heron pot 5    spring

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