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Life as a woodturner can be fun and hard work. I always say that wood turners don't make mistakes they have design opportunities. Well sometimes. This blog will perhaps give some insight to the ups and downs.It will be fed by both me (Pete) and my partner & wife Mo who collaborates and acts as quality control. Hope you find it interesting and perhaps a little amusing

First show of the year.

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Usually our first show of the year isn't until June at the earliest but as we are dropping several show this year for various reasons we decided to do the Craft in Focus at Wisley for the first time in May Bank holiday. Bit scary as it is so early and also as it is over 5 days. We have been doing shows with Craft in Focus for several years and are impressed with the standard of vetting (makers only, no bought in stuff) and the organisation and also have done a few shows at Wisley which have been very successful. Every show is a gamble however so maybe this time next week we could be just glad to get home LOL. Hopefully not but we'll see.

Some shots of past shows showing the sort of set up we have. Takes a good few hours to do.


Hyde End  20151118_174126  Blenheim 4

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  1. Julia Dixon-Pither

    Stunning shows but what about Wisley 2018? Trust you both enjoyed the Show - n also more than 'washed ure faces' in takings..

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