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Life as a woodturner can be fun and hard work. I always say that wood turners don't make mistakes they have design opportunities. Well sometimes. This blog will perhaps give some insight to the ups and downs.It will be fed by both me (Pete) and my partner & wife Mo who collaborates and acts as quality control. Hope you find it interesting and perhaps a little amusing

Work in Progress

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zen garden 2


zen garden 6 

zen garden 4 


Following on with the oriental theme and our 'waste not want not' ethos this piece includes a small hollow form that Mo has yet to decorate and a rake that has been made by yours truly, all on the lathe. The 'rock' is a tiny piece of burr that was left over from some other work and the garden itself is a small porcelain tray on which I have put four little feet to raise it up. The stone on which the pot stands is sourced from a cornish beach and the sand is left over from other works. Size wise the ruler in front is a 6" one to give some idea of size and perspective. We often make pieces like this and have them hanging around for ages while we fettle and fiddle with them until we are happy to put them in the shop so watch this space. 


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